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Match Discussion: Swans v Cardiff City - Championship 2021/22

This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Cardiff City Championship game on Sunday, 17 October 2021 at noon.

Referee James Linington will be assisted by Rob Smith and Nigel Lugg, with Darren Drysdale the 4th Official for the game.

The game is being televised live on Sky Sports Football.

Have a read of the Swansea City v Cardiff City Head to Head Statistics since the first meeting in 1912.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • That bang on the nose for Keiffer Moore could be interesting for the weekend.

    He didnt look very clever when he went off.

  • No problem they have got Harris as a back up...

  • Moore likely to be Collins

  • So, how would you set up the team for this game, knowing what we do about the way Cardiff play?

  • One of the most significant aspects of our team will have to be how we defend aerial balls into the box, from any form of set pieces, while the cheap give away of free kicks in our half has to be kept to a minimum. Bennett and Cabango need to be available.

  • I'm just praying I don't see two fullbacks in our back 3 😓

  • Attack is the best form of defence so keep a high press and make them try to defend our numerous shots from outside and inside the box

  • How about keep the ball and dont let them have it. Its hard to score without the ball.

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    Assuming we will go with 3 CBs I'd play Naughton and Bidwell at WB and tell them to concentrate on covering their defenders, particularly Naughton. Then play Grimes and Smith in CM as both Downes and Fulton have the capacity to give away needless free kicks. (Doubt this will happen as RM prefers to use Smith as an AM.) With Ntach behind Piroe and Obafemi, assuming they are all fit.



    Naughton, Cabango, Bennett, Williams, Bidwell,

    Grimes, Smith


    Piroe, Obafemi

  • I would go with


    Laid , Bennett , Naughton , Williams , Bidwell,

    Grimes , Downes ,


    Piroe , Obafemi .

    Keep the passing quick to feet , balls over the top , down the channels , make their big defenders turn and chase , play our game let them worry about us .

  • I would go with


    Bennett, Naughton, Williams

    Laird, Downes, Grimes, Bidwell(assuming Manning is injured)


    Piroe , Obafemi

    I'm assuming Ntcham isn't 100% and will be on bench

    Ball retention is a must but as important is not allowing Vaulks to launch long throws and cheap free-kicks for their c/backs and Moore to get on the end of.

    Disappointed with the name of the referee for the game - Linnington from the IoW.

    Depending of fitness, bench from Benda, Joel, Smith, Walsh, Whittaker, Manning, Ntcham, Fulton, Cullen, Cooper B

  • What is it with posters that pick a swans team at home to try and counter the supposed strengths of the opposition? Defensive wing backs, lamp posts at centre back etc.

    I hate this negativity. IMO we go with two attacking wing backs and dominate the game with 70% possession - the defending will look after itself if they can't get into our half.

    We need Laird Ntcham Obafemi etc if they are fit - and sloblocks to picking a team that is scared of the blue turds.

    We wear white shorts because we aren't sh1t arses - the Cooper days are gone bois bach STID.

  • No negativity for me @Jackareme that's the side I would pick if fit .

    Hard to pick our strongest side when we have only played 11 league games .

    I'm sure the boss doesn't know his best side .

  • We had 62% possession against Fulham and still lost 3-1. Only a fool would rely on attack and neglect defence. Particularly when only three teams in the division have scored fewer goals than we have, and 15 teams have a better defensive record.

  • Looking back at what's worked well so far, I think the way our defence performed against Hull was the best from a play-developing, transitioning and building from the back - and coped OK defensively too.

    That back 3 was Bennett, Naughton and Rhys Williams making his debut.

    Unfortunately that was also the back 3 combination that started against Luton so , yes, I'm looking at the positive performance and dismissing the negative one. For me, it's the combination that has played best so far.

    So I would pick that back 3 because of that combination's performance but with the added advantage of having our 2 tallest defenders to combat Cardiff's set piece capability. Just to be clear, I'd have picked that back 3 irrespective of who we played on Sunday.

    If Manning is fit, I'd like to see him on the left because he cuts inside more and better than Bidwell and I think that will be a more effective threat against Cardiff rather than a high cross from Bidwell which they will clear too easily.

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    Interesting, Fledge. Here are the height figures for our defenders:

    Williams 1.95 (6ft 4 and a half in old money)

    Cabango 1.88 (6ft 2)

    Bennett 1.88

    Cooper 1.85

    Bidwell 1.83 (6ft)

    Naughton 1.81 (5ft 11)

    Latibeaudiere 1.80

    Laird 1.77 (5ft 9 and a half)

    Manning 1.73 (5ft 8)

    I'd love to see:

    Naughton (1.81) Williams (1.95) Bennett (1.88) Bidwell (1.83)

    but I suspect Laird and Manning will both start.

  • Cadleigh,

    why have you such an aversion to a 3 c/back formation and prefer the old fashioned straight back four.

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    I don't. In fact when Cooper first adopted it I was delighted and said so on here. Both have their advantages depending on the opposition, and we need to have the players to do both when needed.

    Against Cardiff we need to stop them getting crosses into the box.

    Bidwell is physically strong as well as tall, so I would want him covering the left hand corner rather than Manning. But he is not particularly pacey so if deployed as a WB he would be vulnerable to being caught in too advanced a position, particularly by a long ball. Playing him as a LB in this game makes perfect sense. Which means we need a RB as well and Naughton is the best man for that job.

  • The sensible approach is to carry on with the existing formations, 3-4-2-1 or 3--5- 2

    Hamer in goal.

    For the back 3 logically we need to be aware of their aerial threat but still pick the best players.

    Ideally Naughton for his ability and a choice between Bennett, Cabango and Williams. Now that does leave us without a natural left footed LCB. I'm assuming Manning is still injured. However this is an issue we will have until we get a natural left footed CB.

    From a height perspective, we'd want Williams in there, but I'm not sure he is ready for a Swansea v Cardiff derby. So I'd go, Naughton - Bennett - Cabango to start. I might play Nauts on the left as he will adapt better then Ben imo to playing on the left, and Ben can fill in to the right where he is more cpmfortable.

    Flynn and Matt, choose themselves and Laird as RWB. As Manning is injured, Bidwell who has performed quite well as LWB.

    If fit its then Ntcham - Piroe - Paterson as the No10s and forward. If Ntcham isnt fit then its a choice between Korey and Yan. I'd go for Korey in a derby match.

  • Worth bearing in mind that Cardiff might have lost 5 on the trot, but they'll be playing for a manager who has to win, realistically, to keep his job, and 10 of their most likely starting line-up played in the 1-0 win over us at the Liberty last season. Their players, manager and coaching staff know all about South Wales Derbies and will be fired up accordingly, whereas our manager, coaches and probably five or six of our starting XI will be experiencing this for the first time.

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    Sorry Cads I am travelling this week and it is taking me a while to get back to threads!

    I may turn out to be a fool - but here is the thinking - Cardiff ain't Fulham. Fulham are lightening on the counter attack and full of Premier League quality.

    Cardiff are not a counter attacking team - which should allow us to pin them into their own half if we control possession and don't turn it over cheaply in dangerous areas.

    Even against Fulham it took 3 brilliant finishes and an offside goal included to beat us AWAY from home.

    We need to move Cardiff away from our goal where their set piece play becomes a weapon - high starting positions and dominating the ball are how we do it - says the fool.

    I would suggest that the fool is the one who sets up against Cardiff with deep lying players that invite more of the action areas into your half. Eventually you will succumb to a long throw or corner IMO.

  • Well I wasn’t actually calling you a fool, but my point still stands - they will get opportunities to attack no matter how much of the ball we retain. and they have scored 25% more goals than we have this season so far. We must attend to the defence as well as the attack, and for me that means strong, tall defenders and width, not depending on shorter players like Laird and Manning to track back and intercept long balls. None of that means you set up defensively or play deep - perfectly possible for those players to come forward.

  • I believe the better philosophy is to impose your plan on the opposition rather than setup to react to them.

    Cardiff's real problem has been their lack of creativity in midfield so that is why we want to dominate the ball. Yes they will bypass their midfield with long balls to the frontmen but its the second ball we need to win.

    Keep the ball and shut them out of the match.

    They have scored more goals than us but they have also conceded more. 10 goals conceded to 1 scored in the last three matches.

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    Or to put it another way, you believe that doing what we have done for the last 11 games is the best strategy for this game, regardless of the opposition? That's fine, credit to you for having that much faith.

    Actually in their last game Cardiff more than matched Reading in midfield and created 27 scoring opportunities (Reading scored with pretty much their only chance). In contrast we had 15 shots against Derby. And 2 out of every three of those opportunities were with the boot, not the head. So I still think we need tall, strong defenders on Sunday to counter their aerial threat (because nine headers from that lot are not to be sniffed at), but if you seriously think we will only face hoofed balls to the big man up front, you haven't been paying attention. I would rather have WBs (if we must go with that formation) who concentrate more on defence than attack and use the three up front to do the heavy lifting, supplied with quality balls by the CMs.

    Fortunately, neither of us is doing the team selection on Sunday. I look forward to some creativity, experimentation and willingness to adapt to his opponent from RM this weekend.

  • Wing backs who defend more than attack is Cooperball - honestly I would rather stick a fork in my eye.

  • So you are going to stick 5 feet something Ethan Laird way upfield on one side; and Bidwell (with his lack of pace) high up on the other, But not to worry, Flynn Downes can track back and cover the CBs in the event that Cardiff break through.

  • How tall is Flynn Downes again?

  • Well that's why I'm glad we have a manager who is brave, thoughtful as well as strategically & tactically aware rather than one that is just fearful and reactive.

    The Captain has the helm of 'The Victory' and will outsail and outgun those blues in their lumbering Galleon, as Drake did against the Armada.

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