The Midlands & Avon Gloucester Swansea Newsletter – Autumn 1997

Well much has happened and much has been said since the last newsletter from HQ Gloucester, Molby’s gone and on the surface it seems this was inevitable from the noises coming out of the Vetch Field in recent times, so its long live Micky Adams, well until he gets the push which is also inevitable.

He brings with him minimal experience, however in Alan Cork we have a great motivator and someone who knows all about the lower leagues when he was with Wimbledon. Ian Branfoot is also a good choice as Chief Scout as long as that is all he does, any managerial aspirations should not be pursued at Swansea City, god forbid he made a big enough mess at Southampton and Fulham.

So not a bad team of blokes then? Their appointments should not overshadow the good times we had with Jan Molby, Wembley and all that. Having said that he achieved nothing except relegation and a losers medal from the play offs, the former not really in his hands, the latter definitely.

Jan was a giant and has already gone down in Swansea folklore we wish him well wherever he surfaces, I am sure he wishes he could have said goodbye properly to the supporters, unfortunately football is not kind to losers and sadly that is what he is being made out to be by Swansea owners Silver Shield. Jan is not a loser and I expect to see him back and better for his experiences at the Vetch, my lasting memory of him is the 100 yard dash he preformed after scoring a blinding free kick against Orient last season, a great player and a great man.

At the start of the season we were lured in to a false sense of security by Silver Shield, some of us were not fooled, we have been watching football too long, the Swans have been dismal so far this season and the “Cheque book out” campaign was proudly started by the MAGS which we would like to think started the debate over Silver Shield’s worthiness as owners of Swansea City.

This campaign has been ongoing and just because the owners decided to meet with us does not mean we will relax any future campaigns, lawfully of course in the interests of Swansea City. Now is the time to keep up the pressure on all at the Vetch. Football fans are the life blood of their team and hold the strongest vote on any board, their feet, and if the Chairman does not deliver then you can be sure the fans will vote justly. . . . . . . . with their feet.

This is to the detriment of any club and not what we want to see at Swansea City, however even the meekest of us have voted this way in the past and Silver Shield would be well advised to listen to those those pay the wages, the fans. Already attendances have halved from the first game of the season, 7, 500, and this will continue to fall as long as we are served up dire performances on the pitch and complete piffle from the board.

Micky Adams deserves all the support we can give him, however that support MUST come from the board as well in the form of finance, Silver Shield have made some very courageous decisions of late and they will sink or swim in the next few months you can be sure of that. We hope they go from the current position to strength, then of course all this will be forgotten, until then I hope Silver Shield continue to listen to the supporters and take on board all that is being said because if they don’t they will almost certainly fail. Enough has been said. . . . . . . . for now.

The Club Shop
At last the shop is selling the new Swans top and if you order by phone from Myra she will give you a 10% discount on all produce that you buy as a MAGS member, this has been agreed with the club. After all we are the official supporters club in England.

As you know all your memberships go to player sponsorship and on that point. . . . . . . if you haven’t sent us your £4 cheque as yet, please do so. Make it payable to Swansea City, it’s embarrassing to keep asking and even more so to ask you personally, make it the next thing that you do. Cheers.

Cardiff City
We are running a trip to the Cardiff game on November 2nd, at Ninian Park, this at the present time is fully booked and we will leave Cheltenham at 9am on the day of the game. (pointless leaving the day after). We will be picking up at the Aztec West roundabout on the M5 which is junction l6, be at the layby there by 9.45am. We do require a £10 cheque (payable to K. Haynes) for this one though as tickets need to be purchased on your behalf, this is very important, they have to be here by Thursday or I’m afraid your seat will go to one of the many waiting on the reserve list. Again thanks for your help with this. Call if you have a problem.

MAGS Merchandise
If you want to buy the official MAGS t-shirt it is now £16 inc p&p, it is a double sided shirt in full colour and worthy of wearing at any venue, you, can have the badge motif job for £l2, or a mug for £7. A good time to SPLASH out with Christmas coming fast. Hope you are reading this Mr Hamer.

Forthcoming trips
FA Cup round l. 15/1197. v Shrewsbury Town. 29/11/97. If you want to travel with us to any of the above games then give us a call. Remember that there are now more people than seats available by a long way and it is advisable to book early if you can.

Our membership now stands at 266, we are forever growing which can only be good for Swansea City, which after all is what it is ALL about.