We have a ‘gem’ in Brendan

Regardless of where we finish as a club this season, I think that every Swans fan needs to realise the ‘Gem’ of a Manager we have in Brendan Rogers.

He has brought us a season which has given attacking football and the chance of getting into the Premiership but more than this the way the man operates himself is something all of us should treasure.

I feel somewhat ashamed as site owner at not knowing about the death of a Swans fan last week when we travelled to Derby. However, it is clear that Brendan and the club knew about it and you can sense within his voice how much yesterday’s win meant to Brendan. He dedicated the win (and rightly so) to Gwyn David and it is this respect of life and understanding of the wider role of football which impresses me so much.

It could be really easy for any manager to forget (in the heat of a winning moment) about real life, real people and real situations but within the interview he gives, Brendan makes it clear who the win was for.

In Brendan we have a manager who understands what we as fans care about. How football is the weekend away, the key thing to look forward to on a Saturday or a beer with your mates. I also think that Brendan realises how football can make you smile or feel sad for the week after the weekend’s result.

Gywn’s death is so sad to hear about and my thoughts and all of those at www.scfc.co.uk are with his family at what must be a difficult time. I am sure however that their sadness has been aided by the response and thoughts of our Manager in dedicating that win to Gwyn.

Brendan has always said that Swansea is the perfect club for him and I firmly believe that he is perfect for us.

The man conducts himself as the ultimate professional in everything he does but not only that, he is a man of the people. Someone that can understand that there is more to life than Football and how football without its fans is nothing.

I firmly believe we have a Gem with Brendan and we are lucky to have him at our club. I have no doubt that he will be telling those players that Gwyn would have loved the win yesterday but Gywn would love it even more if they could go on and complete the job and get us promotion to the Premiership.

With Gwyn watching down on us, let’s hope our ‘gem’ can motivate his players to take us to the promised land. Regardless of the way things finish however, us Jacks can feel proud that we have a man such as Brendan Rogers managing our club. We have a ‘gem’ and I hope he stays with us for a long long time.

You can read Brendan’s Interview after the Forest win on the Swansea Sound website.

You can read about the Sad Death of Gwyn David on the Evening Post website.