The Swans and the next phase

Much has been made of the Swans journey to the premier league as the board worked to the sound business principles that can be found in most corporate boardrooms.

Now that we are in the promised land of the premier league with the monetary gain that has come our way, these principles are more important than ever before. There is no way the club will fall from grace in such a spectacular way as in the early 80’s, our club is now working from a position of financial strength. With a strong reputation for style and substance on and off the pitch.

The board now needs to take some responsible steps which should provide comfort to the shareholders, supporters and interested parties. The club has been active in the transfer market to strengthen the playing squad. The signings of Danny Graham, Caulker and Moreira have given us real confidence for the coming season on the pitch.

The club also needs to strengthen off the pitch.

Before moving on the point needs to be made that the continuity of the coaching staff is a superb initiative from the board and one that must continue. But, we are desperately short on top level experience, it has been a few years since our manager was at Chelsea. There is precious little recent experience amongst the rest of the staff either. The board has some decisions to make.

Rodgers does not necessarily need an experienced number 2. The board need to be confident that when things are not going so well that his staff are prepared to stand up and make the necessary comment.

The question is can they?

We are now dealing at a different level. The players we have brought in as well as any future signings will be used to training at a high level of speed and intensity. Elite players are rarely backwards at airing their views either themselves or through their agents. Are our backroom staff experienced enough to deal with the new levels of expectancy?

One solution is for the board to appoint a consultant who will report on how things are travelling at the club. This type of appointment fits in with any successful corporate culture, a good board will recognise areas of weakness and look to improve them.

The consultant would need to have recent premier league experience, but not be a threat to the current structure. They would need to be able to spot errors in judgement early and be used to all the ‘noise’ that surrounds football these days.

Most of all they would need to be able to work with the manager. Someone like Ray Wilkins would be ideal, he ticks all the boxes and would provide great comfort to the board with his reports.

You may think that this approach is not warranted.

Then think of this, if Blackpool had put in place a similar structure last season, do you think all the dropped points in the final few minutes due to their relentless attacking would have repeatedly occurred? Or do you think that if Blackpool had real information and the right adviser to allow them to reign in this approach they would have stayed up?

I am confident that should the Swansea board heed the lessons harshly learned in Blackpool, then we will be more than a one season visitor to the premier league.