SCFC2 – The New Changes

Many of you will know that last September (2010) I decided to take over the running of from Dai Smith. Dai had run the site for many years since he had taken it over from Gary Martin who was the original founder of

The site has grown over the years to become the first place for every Swans fan to go to find information out about the club and to comment about what is happening on the field or behind the scenes at Swansea City.

As things change with Swansea City, so things change off the pitch and with the club now in the Premier League, Gary, Dai and I all thought now could be a good time to move forward with a revised look for the site but also a different domain.

Without going into all the detail, continuing on with the old domain would have caused a number of legal and company related issues and although the site gets lots of hits (around 2 million people visit the site each year) this is still a hobby for us all!

So, we decided to go for a new domain called which can follow on from all of the great work that has been built up over the years but which can then look to build its own identity and mark. The old SCFC site will continue to exist as a legacy site full of fantastic information and news but any new content, material, posts or competition will now become the sole responsibility of SCFC2.

If you have typed in into your browser, you will be automatically redirected to the new site so that you can continue to stay updated but within the next month or so this may be changed and so please can you remember from here on to add the 2 at the end of the SCFC text.

The new site has a fresh new look and feel which I hope that many of you like. I think its fit for our new Premier League club. The site continues to have all of the old favourites from the old SCFC site but the new site just allows us to add a few new things in as we move forward.

We may have the odd gremlin over the next few days as we move from the old to the new and so if we do then please bear with us! We will get it sorted and ensure the site goes from strength as the Swans go from strength to strength in the Premier League!

If you do spot a problem then please let me know by clicking on the contact us page.

So hopefully the above explains what we have done! Thanks for continuing to use the site and my thanks once again to Gary Martin and Dai Smith for all the work they have done in the past to make what it was. I only hope that I can do as good a job with SCFC2 as they have done with the original and best Swansea fan website!


Jim White