Brendan’s Departure

Brendan RodgersToday’s statement from Huw Jenkins and the club has confirmed the worst fears that many Swans fans have had for a few days now. Brendan Rogers, the manager who took us into the Premier League and then led us to 11th place in our first season is leaving us to join Liverpool as their new manager.

For many fans, Brendan’s departure will create a feeling of deja vu after seeing Roberto Martinez and then Paulo Sousa depart in the summer of 2009 and 2010 respectively.

It seems that as fans we have to deal every few years with the uncertainty that comes from a new manager coming into the club and the summer of 2012 will be no different as Huw Jenkins and his fellow board members look to appoint a new manager who can take us forward.

Brendan joined us after getting the sack from Reading and was given a chance to resurrect a career that had nosedived after leaving his first managerial appointment at Watford too early. Whether Brendan has made the same mistake again only time will tell. However, I have always felt here at SCFC2 that we were lucky to have Brendan as a manager and despite today’s departure my view has not changed.

I am very sad to see Brendan leaving the club and do feel that he has left maybe a season too early as he is still very inexperienced as a manager within the Premier League. He was loved by all Swans fans and there is no doubt that the emotions that many have towards him will be made worse by the results he achieved for us. When things go well, it always seems to hurt more when a manager leaves and many will be thinking ‘why leave now’ and why make statements like ‘trying to build a career not destroy it’ and then leave when the first big club calls. Many will also feel that his ‘u turn’ from 10 days ago is a stab in the back and will therefore hope he doesn’t achieve any success at Liverpool.

Some however of which I am one will always believe the following.

Brendan was a man who did an incredible amount for Swansea City football club. He took us forward, gave 150%, brought players to the club that we could never have dreamt of before and got us playing a style of football that has won us plaudits all over the world. As a man he was always courteous, approachable and happy to give of his time and every time I have met him (such as on the evening of the London Trust event on the night before the Fulham away game) I found him to be a gentleman and a genuine down to earth guy.

I am frustrated that he has left us as I think he (along with our board of directors) could have shaped a model that will be followed by other clubs across the country both on and off the pitch for many years to come.

However, the lure of going to work at one of the largest club’s in the country has obviously proved too much and whilst disappointed at what he has done, I don’t hold any grudges or bad feeling against him. Brendan obviously feels that he has a chance to turn Liverpool into a top 4/title winning club again and whilst I believe it will be a very difficult job (and one in which he will have to gain results very quickly) I have no doubt that he has the skills to achieve these results and I wish him well in trying to gain success.

He is a good man and someone who has given something to Swansea City that we all dreamed of less than 2 years ago. Notably Premier League football.

We can all get caught up in hurt, anger and bitterness if we want but it won’t change anything and should not detract from the wonderful job that Brendan did whilst he was with us.

That the 2nd most successful club in British football had narrowed down their managerial search to a current and ex Swansea Manager is testimony to our board and the way in which our club is run both on and off the field.

Swansea City is going through one of the greatest periods in our history and as we approach the year in which we celebrate 100 years of this great club, now is not the time to be down or upset.

Yes have a drink and feel glum for 24 hours and yes shout the odd word at the TV when you see pictures of Brendan at Liverpool tomorrow. But, once you have then done this, then look back and be grateful for what Brendan gave us and put your faith in our chairman Huw Jenkins and his board of directors (including our own Fan director) to pick a new manager who will take us on to new successes and greater heights.

We are Jacks, we are supporters of the best club and biggest club in Wales and regardless of who comes and goes we are Swansea City and we will be Swansea until we die. We are alive, well run, growing, a model for others and the perfect club for another bright manager to join. Brendan Rogers leaving does not change any of this.

So, good luck to you Brendan. You have made the wrong decision I think but I personally wish you well and thank you for what you did for my football club.