Former Swans wanted for Former Players Association

Swansea City Chief Executive Julian Winter announced at the recent virtual fans forum, that the Club were looking to set up a Former Players Association.

The first stage of this is now under way with current club ambassador Lee Trundle taking to social media to make a request for former players to get in touch with the club.

I’m really happy to say we Swansea City are working on a former players association with myself and a couple of ex players and our CEO Julian winter to help ex player of our club.

We want to build a database of ex players. Even if you signed pro and never played a game. Get in touch as you are part of our clubs history and we want to build something between us.

If your an ex player or you are in touch with any tell them to contact [email protected]

So if you are an ex-player reading this, are related to an ex-player or simply know a former Swan, please encourage them to get in touch with the club.

A dedicated email address has been setup for the Swansea City Former Players Association at [email protected] so when contacting them, please remember to include your name, age, the year you signed pro and your current contact details in the email.