Joe Allen joins fellow Cymru International footballers supporting campaign tackling online sexual harassment

The Football Association of Wales and the Welsh Government have joined to launch a new video featuring several Cymru players, that aims to help tackle the issue of online sexual harassment.

Calling Out: Online Sexual Harassment

The thought-provoking video, ‘Calling Out: Online Sexual Harassment’, reveals conversations between Cymru international footballers Joe Allen, Lily Woodham, Esther Morgan and Joe Morrell, encouraging young people to speak up about sexual harassment online and the importance of both boys and men calling out the behaviour.

The film promotes a culture of equality and respect, with further advice for families, children and educators available on Hwb, the digital teaching and learning platform for schools in Wales.

The video is one of a series of three from the FAW which will be published across Hwb, with conversations covering the topics of online misogyny, the importance of challenging attitudes and safely reporting inappropriate behaviour.

Swansea City and Wales International Allen, who re-joined the Swans earlier this month, said: “It has been shocking to hear how many young girls and women are experiencing online sexual harassment. It has really shown that there is a need for more education on both the topic and scale of things.”

“There is so much work to be done to put an end to this behaviour, but I hope that the conversations between myself and my Cymru teammates will encourage people to call out this behaviour and for those who may be suffering it, as tough as it may be, reporting it is vital.”

Tackling online misogyny

The FAW have previously worked with the Welsh Government on raising awareness and addressing other social issues, including launching unique educational resources and a powerful film with the Senior Cymru Women’s team tackling online misogyny.

Advice about online sexual harassment

The Welsh Government has worked with Childnet International to publish age-appropriate learning materials to address online sexual harassment, ‘Just a joke?’, for 9-12 year olds, and ‘Step up, speak up’, for the 13-17 year age group.

A training package is being developed to help teachers increase their confidence in addressing the issue.

Children and young people can also get advice about online sexual harassment, including what it looks like, how to report this behaviour and how to get help in the ‘Online issues and worries’ area of Hwb.

The advice published in March was co-designed with children and young people and has been shaped by Welsh Government research into their online experiences and worries and some of the barriers to getting help.

Feature Image Credit: FA Wales