YJB Focus – Rob Banx

Welcome to the first edition of YJB Focus – a new feature on the SCFC2 website, where we meet a loyal Swans fan who also happens to be a regular visitor to the SCFC2 website.

This week features a regular from the SCFC2 Guestbook, so without further introduction, here is the YJB Focus on Rob Banx.

YJB Focus - Rob Banx
Rob Banx

Name or SCFC2 Guestbook/Forum Name: Rob Banx (Guestbook Name)

Occupation: Took early retirement!

How long have you been supporting the Swans?
45 years.

Why did you start supporting the Swans?
My Father took me to games and I was hooked.

What was the first Swans game you attended and what are your memories of it?
Liverpool V Swansea February 1964, the FA cup run when we beat them at Anfield, in front of a 52,000+ crowd. We were leading 2-1 and Liverpool were awarded a penalty with only 9 minutes to go, I could hardly bear to watch and a Liverpool supporter who stood next to me (there was no segregation in those days!) said don’t worry kid, if Moran (Ronnie) scores I will give you a tenner, and as is history now the penalty was taken and it sailed over the bar! The atmosphere that day is incredible.

Who is your worst Swans player of all time, and why?
Can’t answer that I’m afraid, anyone who wears the shirt is good enough for me.

What is your least favourite away ground (past or present), and why?
It’s a toss up between Stoke and Liverpool. I will go for Liverpool because they pack the away supporters into a corner opposite to the Kop and the back 9 rows is not a nice place to be. The stand above your head slopes downward towards the pitch, and to see the goals at the kop end you have to stoop down like Quasimodo to see!

Funniest moment whilst watching the Swans?
A League Cup match at the Vetch August 1978, we had drawn Tottenham Hotspur and they were bringing their new kids on the block with them – Rickie Villa and Ossie Ardiles. Looking back perhaps it wasn’t funny but at the actual time it was hilarious!

Both Argentinians were the Billy BB of the league following their success in winning the World Cup. The ref had not had time for his feet to warm up, when within 20 seconds of the start, Tommy Smith welcomed Ardiles to the Vetch with a tackle that these days would earn him a 10 match ban!

I was on the North Bank in line with the tackle that saw him boot Ardiles about 6 feet up in the air and I can still clearly remember it today, seeing Ardiles going through the air like a rag doll that had been thrown from a pram. That was game over for the superstar Ardiles!

I think that frightened Spurs and we pulled off a 2-2 draw to earn a replay at the Lane, and as huge underdogs we went there and pulled off an amazing win with goals from Tosh, Jeremy Charles and Alan Curtis. A win that went down in history.

Ivor Allchurch
Ivor Allchurch

You’ve got a meal deal ticket for Nando’s, which Swans player (past or present) would you take with you and why?
Ivor Allchurch, I bet he would have some stories to tell and I would love to have his views on the game as it is these days.

What do you like most about the Swans?
It certainly appears that the management and team appreciate the fans and it stays that way if you meet them out and about – as long as you don’t interrupt meals and overstay your welcome. The family feeling amongst Swans fans both here and in other countries is brilliant.

I was on holiday in Rome and as tourists do, decided to visit the Vatican. Hoping that it wouldn’t be innapropriate, both my son and myself had our Swans shirts on and as we neared the entrance, we were called out by the Vatican security and we thought Oh-oh, here we go. They took us to one side and to our surprise, they merely wanted to ask – “Have you met our man Borini? He plays for you doesn’t he? How is he doing?”. Well that caused a laugh and relief!

If there was one thing you could change about the club what would it be?
The food and the beer is my only complaint. Just living the dream at present.

Vetch Field pasty or Liberty hot dog?
No brainer – Vetch Field pasty!

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