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Richmond KickersRichmond Kickers – Saturday, 16th July 2016 at 19:00

Address: 3201 Maplewood Ave, Richmond, VA 23221, United States
Telephone: 001 804 644 5425
Web Site:

What’s It Like?
City Stadium is south of the Carytown district off the Downtown Expressway. The stadium was built in 1929 and seats for 9,000 for football games. Tickets for the game are $30/$45.

Food trucks can be found around the city of Richmond serving up local food at low prices. gives a list of the trucks. Each truck has their own website with menu and prices.

The Kickers have a rotating menu from game to game, and you can find out what food trucks will be at what game on the Kickers’ website. If a taco truck is at the same game, get in line early. You can get a huge burrito and three amazing tacos al pastor for $12.

There are also a couple of food stands with standard football fare: hot dogs ($3), chili or cheese hot dog ($4), and cheeseburger ($4). Lemonade is $5 with unlimited refills and a Papa John’s 8-inch pizza is $7. Beer tickets are $5 and the typical line up consists of Bud Light, Modelo, and Kick It Hunny, the official beer of the Richmond Kickers.

City Stadium - Richmond Kickers
City Stadium – Richmond Kickers

Visiting Richmond
UK visitors to the US need an ESTA (a type of visa). The ESTA is valid for 2 years and can be applied for online at cost is $14 and is valid for 2 years. Background checks will be performed, no certificate is issued but details will be held electronically.

Washington DC has three major airports; Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI). You are likely to fly into Dulles. It is huge and the setting for Die Hard 2. Before I flew there last year, I made a point of watching the film before I went there. Those who are nervous flyers may decide to avoid watching it. Richmond is 108 miles from Washington DC, which can be travelled in under 2 hours by car via Interstate 95.

Please note: Tipping in America is standard and helps the staff reach a normal working wage, whether it be a buying a meal or a couple of drinks.

For a sit-down, waiter-served meal 10 per cent usually means you aren’t totally happy; 15 per cent usually means all was acceptable; 20 per cent for excellent; over 20 per cent for outstanding.; 15-20 per cent is considered normal. For buying drinks at the bar, $1 per drink or 15-20 per cent of the bill is seen as the standard.

In America, tailgating isn’t driving too close to the driver in front – it’s a sports/eating/drinking experience! Basically, park up and get the food and refreshments out of the car and have a picnic in the car park (or parking lot).

It’s not a minor thing, more so a huge social event with people sharing food and drinks, even cooking food on portable barbeque units.

Just south of the stadium is Maymont Park, a 100-acre, 19th-century estate complete with gardens, waterfalls, petting zoo, and a hands-on nature center. Admission is good to the gardens and stable, and there is a small fee of $3 for the nature centre. This place is particularly beautiful during the spring and summer months which, during the USL season.

For information go to – It is an amazing site and has everything you need to know before planning your trip.

Pubs and Grub
The stadium doesn’t seem too close to many bars or eateries. One that is not too far away is the sports bar Sheppard Street Tavern (zip code 23221), opposite is an Italian restaurant and nearby are China Panda, Akida Japanese and Buddy’s Place. There’s also a 7-11 across the road for your tailgating needs.

Half a mile from the stadium is West Cary Street also known as Carytown. Along this one-mile stretch of road, you can find everything from all-American burgers to Italian and Japanese restaurants. Getting to Carytown is relatively easy, and there is plenty of parking in the surrounding area.

Gus’ Sports Bar and Grill (zip code 23220) is two miles from the stadium, and is the official sports bar of the Richmond Kickers. This place is a local favourite and a great place to go before the game if you are in Richmond all day. If you are just in to see the game, eat at the stadium, you will not be disappointed, and neither will your wallet.

Directions and Parking
From North: Interstate 95 South (exit 79) to 195 South (Downtown Expressway). Follow for 3 miles and take Rosewood Avenue Exit. Turn left at McCloy Street. Stadium is on the right.

From South: Interstate 95 North (exit 74) to 195 North (Downtown Expressway, TOLL road, 50 cents). Take Rosewood Avenue Exit. Turn left on McCloy Street. Stadium is on right.

From West: Interstate 64 East to Interstate 195 South (Downtown Expressway). Take Rosewood Avenue Exit. Turn left on McCloy Street. Stadium is on right.

From East: 64 West to 95 South. Take 195 North (Downtown Expressway). Take Rosewood Avenue Exit. Turn left on McCloy Street. Stadium is on right.

From UR Campus: From Boatwright Drive turn right at Three Chopt Road. Turn left at Cary Street. Take Cary Street into “Carytown”. Turn right on Freeman Road. Stadium is four blocks on the left.

Parking: Free parking is available and tailgating is encouraged at all Kickers home games.

For the Travelling Jacks making the trip – Be Loud, Be Proud and Be Positive!