Don’t buy the Sunday Mirror and blame this guy

So it would seem to be silly season now were in the Premier League with some tabloid journalists keen to take the mick out of us as a club and mock our chances of staying up.

One such person is Paul Smith. The Chief Football Writer for the Sunday Mirror. Not only does he think it funny to post stories about Ash and Neil Taylor leaving us (when there seems to be no fact whatsoever in either story) but he is also really keen to dismiss our chances of staying up and also dismiss our club and city.

Here are some of his ramblings on Twitter…..

Even I couldn’t inspire your lot to stay up next season

Oh I have the balls to come to Swansea. Unfortunately I don’t get assigned to watch relegation battles

I’m done winding Swansea fans up. It’s boring me now.

Only because none of us want to go to a foreign country to watch Premier League football

Come on Reading. Play the game. Your five minutes away from my house. There is no way I’m going to Wales to watch Premier League football.

We are used to seeing crap journalism but this guy seems to take the biscuit. The one post which he made did make me think he would have some balls. I responded to his tweet of

I have a £100 you go straight back down next season. Put up or shut up.

With a response back to say that I would (as the Site owner) happily take the bet on as I think we will surprise many people next year. I have even offered to raise it to £200 and I have said that WHEN we stay up and the bet is paid, I will donate this money to the John Hartson Foundation (set up to prevent testictular cancer)

It is a shame however, that Mr Smith does not have the balls to reply when someone tries to call his bluff. Despite a few attempts to get him to respond, nothing so far which tells me (and every other JACK) that he is nothing but the Chairman of AMNA – All Mouth and No Action.

This plan to unsettle us as a club is not going to work and so I suggest we all look to boycott the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror until these idiots give us some of the credit we deserve or decide to back up their words with actions.

So, the message from this site is clear. Don’t buy the Mirror or Sunday Mirror until Paul Smith puts up and agrees to the bet.

I won’t be holding my breath that he will take up the bet but lets see.