How well do you know your football clubs?

Football fans up and down the country claim to know their football, but when push really comes to shove – how much do they, or you for that matter, really know. Well this fun football quiz is a sure way to find out!

The clever folk at Reflect Digital have put together a footy quiz with a difference, you have to find 50 football clubs by identifying them from some truly weird and wonderful pictures.

Find 50 Clubs

Some are a lot easier than others to identify – such as our beloved Swans for example – but the burning Bruce Lee still has us scratching our heads!

The SCFC2 gang have had several attempts and getting (guessing!) all fifty clubs, but despite drinking gallons of coffee and deliberating over the pictures for hours on end, we’ve failed miserably. So we’ve chucked the towel in and hereby certify that we actually don’t know as much about football clubs as we thought.

Why not have a go yourself at the Find 50 Clubs Quiz and see if you can do better than we did – which shouldn’t be too difficult 🙂

Let us know how you get on and more importantly your score, as we reckon anything over 45 and your telling porkies… unless you have a screenshot to prove otherwise of course.

We’ll await the evidence on the guestbook or SCFC2 Facebook page.