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Welcome to YJB Focus, where we meet a loyal Swans fan who also happens to be a regular visitor to the SCFC2 website.

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Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas with John Cornforth
Name or SCFC2 Guestbook Name: Luke Thomas
Occupation: Police Officer

How long have you been supporting the Swans?
27-28 years. My first proper season was 1992/93.

Why did you start supporting the Swans?
My brother took me when I was about 10, he’s 9 years older and I wanted his approval. But then in 92/93, we had the kids go free season. Well it was supposed to be one adult and two kids, but no-one paid any attention to it – least of all those on the turnstiles!

I went with my mates and got the bug massively. I’ve never looked back, although it would be a lot easier if we didn’t care so much sometimes wouldn’t it?

What was the first Swans game you attended and what are your memories of it?
I can’t really remember. I’m pretty sure it was against Sheffield United and we lost, but I’m not 100% sure if that was my first game or not.

Kieron Durkan
Kieron Durkan v Rushden & Diamonds
Who is your worst Swans player of all time, and why?
Jesus there’s a choice. People around my age usually go for your Aiden Newhouse’s or Andy McFarlane’s. You can throw anyone Nick Cusack signed outside of James Thomas into the mix to.

Kieron Durken was different level though wasn’t he? He scored that one worldy against Rushden & Diamonds wasn’t it? The rest of the time he made Martin Hayes look like Jefferson Montero.

What is your least favourite away ground (past or present), and why?
I’ve got some terrible memories at Cardiff away. There’s no feeling like scoring against them (a point not lost when I’ve pointed that fact out to my wife – repeatedly!), but conceding is just horrible.

I’ve been to the CCS twice and lost both times. The game when Chopra scored in the last minute was horrible. Kuqi had just had a cracking chance to make it 2-1 with seconds to go and the Swans fans were singing “Never beat the Jacks…” and I just remember thinking “Don’t sing that yet ffs” – the rest is history.

The other game was their cup final in the Premier League. We obviously had the last laugh when we basically relegated them after the 3-0 mauling in the home game!

Funniest moment whilst watching the Swans?
Any time Adrian Forbes got within 4ft of a football was pretty funny. Alsop giving the Cardiff keeper the finger after Boundy scored a last minute winner against them also stands out.

I think big Sam’s reaction to Chico theatrics was pretty hysterical. The irony of Chico then trying to look like the hard man straight after was clearly lost on him.

Leon Britton Waves Goodbye?
Leon Britton waves goodbye?
You’ve got a meal deal ticket for Nando’s, which Swans player (past or present) would you take with you and why?
It’s got to be Leon Britton. We wouldn’t have stayed up that season it wasn’t for him. He crossed for Marc Richards in the penultimate game away at Rochdale then won the penalty against Hull. Not only that but his quality brought the best out of the rest of the squad.

The bloke is just class. I couldn’t care less that he left to go to Sheffield United for a bit. I felt physically sick at Selhurst Park last season, when he waved to the Swans fans and it looked like he was saying goodbye. Chuffed to bits that he stayed!

What do you like most about the Swans?
I like the fact that I’ve never had a second team and the emotional link you can only get from supporting your home town club. When I see people I know from Swansea taking about Man U or Liverpool on Twitter, calling them “us” or “we” I just think it’s pathetic. You picked a successful club as kid and stuck with it, how hard that must have been for you!

They’ll never know how it feels to watch they’re home town team draw 1-1 at home with Nuneaton Borough then lose away, or get hammered 4-0 at home to Kidderminster Harriers, but witness them beat Arsenal and Man U home and away, or away at Chelsea in the Capital One Cup semi-final. I have and I don’t mind gloating about it.

If there was one thing you could change about the club what would it be?
Safe standing would be great. But that’s out of the control of the club. We’re so well run I have few complaints to be honest. I’m just hopeful we can continue what we’re doing and upsetting the status quo.

We have no right to be where we are but continue to upset the odds. Great isn’t it 🙂

Vetch Field pasty or Liberty hot dog?
Pasty. Haven’t eaten a thing at the Liberty in the 10 years we’ve been there so can’t comment. The beers crap though!

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