Swansea City v Coventry City Head to Head Statistics

Each game we look at the head to head record between the Swans and their opponents.

Here are the head to head statistics for Swansea City v Coventry City, after the latest meeting of the sides in a Championship game at the Swansea dot com stadium on 5 March 2022.

Here is the full list of results for Swans v Coventry City games at the Swansea dot com and Liberty stadium:

P6 W3 D2 L1
Goals For: 10
Goals Against: 5

2021/2022: 05/03/2021: Swans won 3-1 [Championship]
Referee: Geoff Eltringham

2020/2021: 24/02/2021: Swans won 1-0 [Championship]
Referee: Andy Woolmer

2016/2017: 07/01/2017: Swans lost 2-4 on pens (1-1 in normal time) [Football League Trophy]  
Referee: Mark Hayward

2010/2011: 14/09/2010: Swans won 2-1
Referee: Gary Sutton
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2009/2010: 26/01/2010: Swans drew 0-0 [Championship]
Referee: Danny McDermid

2008/2009: 26/12/2008: Swans drew 0-0 [Championship]
Referee: Steve Tanner

Here is the Swans complete Home record against Coventry City at the Vetch Field, Liberty and Swansea dot com Stadium:

P17 W7 D5 L5
Goals For: 30
Goals Against: 19

05/03/2021: Swans won 3-1 [Championship]
24/02/2021: Swans won 1-0 [Championship]

7/01/2017: Swans lost 1-1 [4-3 on pens] [Football League Trophy]

14/09/2010: Swans won 2-1 [Championship]
26/01/2010: Swans drew 0-0 [Championship]
26/12/2008: Swans drew 0-0 [Championship]

31/08/1982: Swans won 2-1 [Division1]
13/03/1982: Swans drew 0-0 [Division1]

29/09/1964: Swans drew 1-1 [Division 2]

30/08/1951: Swans won 7-1 [Division 2]
31/03/1951: Swans won 2-1 [Division 2]
21/01/1950: Swans lost 1-2 [Division 2]

07/04/1947: Swans lost 2-3 [Division 2]

03/12/1938: Swans lost 2-4 [Division 2]
16/10/1937: Swans drew 3-3 [Division 2]
07/09/1936: Swans won 2-0 [Division 2]

02/04/1915: Swans won 1-0 [Southern League Division 2]

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These stats were kindly supplied by Swans fan and self-confessed information fanatic Gwyn Davies.  Why not follow @GwynStato on Twitter for more Swans related stats.