Colin Addison and Peter Nicholas

Full of it

Edward lives in Swansea and drives taxis for a living. Ed has been a life-long Swans fan for a few years now and in his spare time likes nothing better than fishing. Ed’s column will be quite regular – a bit like his bowels! Welkome to my knew collum. I was going to right won …

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Mr Pessimism

Welcome to the latest ramblings of Mr P. As I write this, I have just read Clive, Gareth, and David’s view of the match last night and it sounds like we’re back to ways of old. When will we ever be consistent? The last time we were consistent was during the championship season. We were …

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Swansea City – The Times They Are A-Changin’

So the creatures from the Black Lagoon have finally gone back to the Dark Side, and left Nurse and the first aid team to crawl through the wreckage and administer mouth to mouth to all parts of the club that are showing any signs of life. As with all critical situations like this, recovery will …

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Tony Petty

Don’t let apathy win

There has been much discussion on recent events, based on the manner of Mr Petty’s actions. Whether these actions are to the long-term benefit of Swansea City Football Club are, as most issues, open to opinion. The general consensus is that it is not, as shown by the response of the hardcore support still attending …

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