Leon Britton v Hull City 2003

Red Shoes Local Hero

So it all came good in the end, in the best Hollywood traditions. Not even Stephen Spielberg could have manipulated our emotions more effectively in a tale that kept twisting to the very last. Now the final credits are rolling, and if the story had been turned into a multiplex blockbuster, an emotive theme song …

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Nick Cusack

North Bank Natter

So, the first two League games of the season have finished and there have been some notable changes in many different ways which we can analyse. Firstly, let’s talk about the fans. When things go right, when we start winning or getting positive results, the fans have little to complain about and usually start bickering. …

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Colin Addison and Peter Nicholas

Full of it

Edward lives in Swansea and drives taxis for a living. Ed has been a life-long Swans fan for a few years now and in his spare time likes nothing better than fishing. Ed’s column will be quite regular – a bit like his bowels! Welkome to my knew collum. I was going to right won …

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Mr Pessimism

Welcome to the latest ramblings of Mr P. As I write this, I have just read Clive, Gareth, and David’s view of the match last night and it sounds like we’re back to ways of old. When will we ever be consistent? The last time we were consistent was during the championship season. We were …

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Tony Petty

Don’t let apathy win

There has been much discussion on recent events, based on the manner of Mr Petty’s actions. Whether these actions are to the long-term benefit of Swansea City Football Club are, as most issues, open to opinion. The general consensus is that it is not, as shown by the response of the hardcore support still attending …

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Here we go again

Excerpt from a Western Mail article printed on Monday 10th April 2000. Job-for-life Offer Is On Cards For Hollins If Swans Make The Climb Karl Woodward Chief Soccer Writer – Western Mail SWANS are ready to offer John Hollins a long-term future as manager of a team needing eight points from the last five games …

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Swansea City 0 Mansfield Town 1 – Match Report

Saturday 2nd October 1999 – Swansea City 0 Mansfield Town 1 – Nationwide League Division Three What a dreadful performance today. If Hollins thinks that the arrival of walter Boyd is going to solve our problems, then he’s a bigger fool than he’s taking all of us for. The conditions were dire – gusting winds …

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